Who We Are

What We Offer:

  • Self Esteem
  • Friendships
  • Socialization
  • Self Discovery 
  • Fun Activities
  • Encouragement
  • Resources

Little Hearts Big Smiles was created in 2006 as a supportive outlet for families raising special needs children.  We felt it was important to establish a group of families who could come and learn from one another, help one another cope and also raise awareness.   We service the entire family by providing educational opportunities for parents and planning fun activities for kids.  

In 2008 we partnered with the Clinton County Foundation to become a not for profit.  As the needs of our founding members changed, we realized a need for accessible play spaces in Southwest Ohio.  Volunteers have worked tirelessly to not only continue the original efforts of providing support to families but also raise funds and build a playground in Clinton County.  The playground is located on Fife Avenue in Wilmington, Ohio. 

"“What would happen, they conjectured, if they simply went on assuming their children would do everything. Perhaps not quickly. Perhaps not by the book. But what if they simply erased those growth and development charts, with their precise, constricting points and curves? What if they kept their expectations but erased the time line? What harm could it do? Why not try?”

― Kim Edwards, The Memory Keeper's Daughter