Get your 5k shoes ready! We have a new captain who is ready to take off!

Gracin Murarescu is a very active, funny and extremely loving 7 year old. He is the son of Sorin and Jodi Murarescu of Lynchburg and the little brother of Colie Murarescu. Gracin attends New Vienna Elementary as a 1st grader. Shortly after Gracin was born he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome also referred to as Trisomy 21. Down Syndrome can cause developmental delays, low muscle tone, heart issues as well as other physical and intellectual delays.
Gracin has worked hard to be in an inclusive classroom at New Vienna and been involved in many activities and events in the community. Gracin not only loves school but loves to spend time with friends and family, playing t-ball or any outside sport, and counts down the days to sunny adventures at the Little Hearts Big Smiles Park. We have been so lucky to find the Little Heart Big Smiles support group as well as have free access to a play area that Gracin can utilize all equipment and roam freely without concern.

We hope you will join the Racin’ for Gracin team at the Little Hearts Big Smiles walk/run event to benefit phase 4 of the playground.

Theodore Roosevelt

Meet Brysen!

Brysen is a 7th grade student at Blanchester Middle School. Brysen LOVES sports. He is very active in both playing and coaching sports with his dad. If there is a ball game going on, rest assured, you can find Brysen there, either on the court or cheering for the Wildcats! At a very young age, Brysen was diagnosed with Global Apraxia. But more recently, Brysen was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Brysen, his family and friends were very worried for him. On top of having communication needs, they worried if he would be able to understand the complexity of this very serious disease. However, Brysen did not let this get in the way of living his life to the fullest. He is working hard to learn how to manage his diabetes, and is even doing independent insulin checks all by himself at home and at school! Brysen always has a wonderful smile on his face. He is a very special young man to many people.
This will be the first year that Brysen has participated in the Little Hearts Big Smiles 5k walk and run. Watch out for him! He will be leading the pack!!​

Welcome, below you will find information about events that are coming soon. 

Welcome Back - Team Captain Abby!

Returning for a 3rd year to our 5k is Abby. Abby is the 3rd year old daughter of Brent and Brooke Achtermann of Wilmington, Ohio. Abby is currently in Pre-School and being taught by Mrs. Weiderhold of East End Elementary. Abby also attends the Perlman Center is Mason for OT, PT, and Speech Therapy.
Abby was born with a rare chromosome disorder that replicated part of her 9th chromosome and deleted material from chromosome 18. Being that Abby is a rare gem - this make up has made her prone to low muscle tone, hearing loss, visual impairment, feeding tube dependencies, and a few other medical complications. However, in knowing Abby she is a happy girl and rolls with the punches!
Abby is loved by many friends and family and has an infectious laugh, gentle smile, and ice blonde hair that would make Queen Elsa jealous!

Abby is ready to recruit for her Army and her other peers joining this year! Sign up for the draft today and join our 5k!

Meet Team Captain Sarah:
Sarah Wertz loves the Cincinnati Reds and the Ohio State Buckeyes. She also loves to watch standardbred horse racing, work puzzles, shop and travel....

Sarah who is 29 was diagnosed at 18 months of age with Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is considered a neurological disorder caused by non-progressive brain injury or malformation that occurs while the child's brain is under development. Cerebral Palsy affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, muscle tone, reflex, posture and balance. Also, can impact fine motor skills, gross motor skills and oral motor functioning.

Sarah attends the Person Center Services, Inc. (PCS) two days a week. While there she volunteers in the local community, works at the Center and goes on community outings, She participated this past fall in the production of "When the Last Petal Falls" at the Murphy Theatre. She also volunteers one day a week with JobCom through Goodwill. Some of the locations she volunteers through the program are the Humane Society, the Adult Daycare and the Homeless Shelter. She also receives services through an independent provider where they do community outings and learn daily life skills.

Sarah lives with her mother and grandmother along with Carley, her lab mix and two cats, Sami and Ebony. She also spends time with her father and their two dogs, Bentley and Noah. She attends Fellowship of Praise in Clarksville.

Sarah will have a team of supporters at the LHBS 5K on May 19th which includes family and friends and you are invited to join her team.

Returning for a second year as a team captain is this little ray of sunshine. Everyone - meet Braydyn!

Braydyn is smart, funny, and full of life. He is a 4 year old boy with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, cortical visual impairment, and dysphagia. He is very excited to spend his summer playing and hanging out with his cousins at the playground. His bubbly personality and huge smile warms all of our hearts. Braydyn is a little warrior!

5K Registration is Live! 

May 19, 2018

​8:00 a.m. registration/10:00 a.m. race will begin

​Parking at the County Engineer's office on Fife Avenue

​Click here to register online.


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